Every Tanguera has her own style, her own way of moving her body. To express herself musically, she can make extra movements with her feet, legs or hips, that are not lead by the men. Keys to learn adornos are:

1 - learn to follow really well

Learn to follow really, really well. Dance with many different leaders. Get familiar with various tango styles. Take classes that focus on the connection and technique more then just the steps, with different teachers.

2 - isolation & go with the flow

Adornos should not interrupt the dance flow. Adornos go with the flow of the dance.
The leader should not feel your adornos. To achieve this, make sure you isolate: this means that the extra movements (adornos) you make with your feet, legs or hips, should not be transferred to your chest and arms.

3 - practice, patience,personality

Be patient. It is normal that it takes a couple of years to learn a centain move, posture or style in tango. Practice, practice, practice. And while you practice, enjoy it :-)

Don't focus on a goal, instead focus on the feeling and the fun that you are having.

Find the moves that fit your body and your personality. Respect your body's boundaries: If you feel that a movement is not good for your body, don't do it. Stay true to your personality. Put on your fav music! You can practice on tango, vals or milonga music, but also on any other music style that you love!

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